There are many benefits that phone dating brings, but even with the great tools here at your fingertips, there are always ways to improve your chances. Here are some of the ways that you can make a positive impact on your phone dates and score more real-life dates.

1. Be polite – While people may love bad boys and girls in the movies (and sometimes in real life), this doesn’t include a lack of politeness. Be courteous and understanding to your phone chat dates, you will get better conversation and more dates.
2. Even if you think you are always right, let some things go – People have different worldviews. In addition to staying polite, make sure you don’t come off as a “know it all.” You aren’t, and for many questions there is more than one answer.
3. Don’t fixate – Staying over-focused on asking for a date, for example, will not benefit your situation. People move at their own pace. Let the conversation flow, the normal conversation will help.
4. Compliment the other person when you feel inspired to – Compliments are not all about the physical realm. If your new friend is impressing you with his brains or dazzling you with his laugh, let him know.
5. Be patient – Getting real-life dates does not always happen with the first phone call. Take the time to get to know people. Quality dates means sifting through your possible matches and getting to know them a little. If you are using the service for casual sex, some people may look plan a little sooner. Sex is fun after all.

Sex and dating are both fun; it’s ok to take the time to enjoy the journey. Find that hot stud you are looking for right here on our phone dating hotline; there is not a better time.