If you’re new to mobile phone dating, you may be wondering what to say to get the things you want from people. Really, it’s easy to get what you want on the chat lines as all you have to do is be honest with yourself and the guys you speak to. This is because the men within the phone dating community are usually pretty friendly, direct, and open. It makes it easier to build authentic connections when you’re surrounded by men who want similar things as you do. In fact, you can usually tell within a matter of moments whether or not the person you’re speaking with over the telephone is a good fit. If he isn’t, it really isn’t a big deal. All you have to do is end the call. Redial the chat line number whenever you want to speak to another guy. There are literally hundreds of single men available to chat with at any given time and it’s better to not waste your time with someone that isn’t suitable to what you want.

One way to get what you want from others on the chat lines is to be direct. Ask your phone pal for what you are desiring and see how he responds. By being direct and asking a new phone friend if he’s up to try out what you are desiring you will typically get a straightforward response.

Another way to get what you want from other men on the chat lines is to place significance on intent when it comes to any conversation you have. It’s important that you check in with yourself prior to dialing into the chat line number and recognize what you want. Then wear it on your sleeve and hope for the best! Chances are people will read it in you and will likely be open enough to pull it out of you or be on the same page with you.

Guys in the phone dating community are open and non-judgmental and will listen to what you have to say as well as asking for what they want. So don’t be shy and get what you want on the chat lines.