It’s easy to tell when a guy likes you when your dating him in-person but phone dating can be more complicated to figure out the signs. Noticing is all about observing and seeing what he is telling you based off the information he provides and leaves out and this blog will help you take notice of what to look out for.

One thing that may show you he’s interested is if he keeps showing up for phone dates and doesn’t cancel last minute. If he asks you if you want to talk again some other time, that could also be a indication that he has interest.

Another thing to look out for is if he is revealing information about himself and his life. If he is, he likely has interest in you and enjoys sharing with you and hearing from you. Does he laugh at your jokes? Does he use active listening when you share stories from your life? If so, he likely enjoys speaking with you.

Listen to how your phone friend communicates. It could be a clue as to how he feels about you. What word choices does he decide to use and how does he use them? Things like tone and content could be great indicators. Because you cannot see his body language, his actual language, breathe, tone, and how he responds are all important aspects to observe and make a determination.

You can always be direct and simply ask him, after all you are on a phone date and conversing is all that is available between you and him. By asking him, you can get an answer right away and learn more about him likely in a matter of moments.

The chat lines are open always so you can speak to a new guy whenever it fits with your schedule. You can also schedule dates with your phone lover whenever it works for the both of you.