Do you know what you want from your experiences on the chat lines? If you do you’re one step closer to getting it. If you don’t then by going on the chat lines and speaking with people about how you feel, you will get a glimpse of the possibilities and eventually understand what you want. There are many ways to get what you want on the chat lines and this blog will go over a few ways to make your wants happen.

Have you heard of manifestation? Basically, think about what you want and picture it in your mind’s eye. Once you have a clear image of you doing or having the thing that you want, set the intention to get it. It may sound a bit hocus pocus but it works. Take any doubts out of your head and don’t be negative. Simply focus in on what you want and you will find a way to get it.

You can also use the direct approach by simply asking other guys on the chat lines for what you want. This will either give you a yes or a no and it can also help you realize if the person you’re speaking to is on the same page as you. If he isn’t, just say goodbye and hang up the call. You can redial into the chat lines whenever it works for you and speak with a new guy.

You can also get what you want by not wasting your time with people or things that you know are not in alignment with what you want to do. If you put your energy, time, and intentions are set to what you want, you will likely get something close to what you want and then if you continue to do just that you will eventually get what you want. Try it out on the chat lines to see if it works for you!