Your phone lover will appreciate the things that you do for him. To keep him interested, make sure he knows that you’re thinking about him and that you care. The little things add up over time and your actions and words will prove to your phone lover how you feel and how much you are invested in him. This blog will go over some ways to keep your lover interested in you.

One small thing that will allow your phone lover to recognize that you care about him is if you pay attention to what he says during your phone dates. You can even make notes about some of the things you want to remember for the future. What are his favorite kinds of movies or music? Maybe play a song you know he likes in the background while having a phone date.

In fact, just by actively listening to what your phone lover has to say can go a long way for him. Everyone wants to feel cared for and when someone feels heard over the chat lines it basically translates as such.

You can also send him text messages and sext when you’re not on the phone with one another. These can serve as a cute and easy way to say hello, I am thinking about you. It can also serve as a way of foreplay in between phone dates.

As you can tell, it doesn’t have to be big romantic gestures to have your partner know that he’s thought of and cared for. The small things matter just as much or one could even say even more so long as it’s consistent and the intention is clear.

Also don’t forget that the chat lines never shut down so you can have dates with your phone lover whenever you want to! The more time you spend with one another, the more you will get to know one another.