The chat lines are a safe way to explore no matter what you’re looking for. If you’re in a couple and are considering opening your relationship to a non monogamy status, phone dating is the perfect way to test the waters and learn how to communicate well with your partner and other guys you meet on the chat lines. You can learn more about yourself, your boundaries, and your desires as well as learning more about your partner and figure out if non-monogamy is really something that will work for you. Additionally, you can try out phone sex with your partner and new guys you meet on the chat lines and see how it goes. You will learn a lot about how the dynamic may be in-person or separate from your partner.

The chat lines are always open and a safe way to experience new things with your partner. You and your partner can figure out what time and day works best and call whenever convenient for you. It’s also recommended to talk with your partner about what you want from getting on the chat lines prior to calling. That way you can discuss what is comfortable to the both of you and go from there.

Even if a conversation on the chat lines is uncomfortable or not your cup of tea you are always able to end the call. Then you and your partner can discuss what made it not right for you. You can always redial the chat line number to reconnect with someone new.

Also, when you’re on the phone, the person on the other end doesn’t have to be a romantic situation. It may also be a new friendship and you can speak about anything you want. You can talk about mutual interests and hobbies or let your new phone friend speak about something and listen to what he has to say. Either way, you will likely learn a lot about yourself, your partner and others on the chat lines.